Nazar Senechyn

This is Nazar Senechyn. He is originally from Ukraine but now lives in Sheffield with his wife, Iryna. A couple of days after the news of Russia invading Ukraine, Nazar and his dad made a plan to collect donations and drive it to the Ukraine border. On the Monday, Nazar put a post out on social media and he was overwhelmed with the amount of donations from the local people in Sheffield. The following weekend they boxed everything up and headed south to pick up his friend from London who had a larger van to transport the donations.

After a 20 hour drive, they made it to the Polish/Ukraine border - Shehyni, where they met the lady Nazar knew and her team who were organising the aid in Ukraine. The team unloaded Nazar’s van and loaded theirs up before taking off into Kyiv and Mariupol. They slept for 4 hours in the van before making their journey back to Sheffield.

Nazar is pausing taking donations at the moment as there are specific things they have been asked to get hold of like walkie talkies and night vision cameras. Once he has reached out to people and collected these items, he will make the journey again with his dad to drop off the donations.